What others have had to say:

The longer we are in our home, the more we appreciate the vision by Mr. Collier and the architect as well as the execution in building with a commitment to using the highest quality materials and taking the time to do things right. My wife and I were so impressed with his follow-up after we moved in. In fact, Mr. Collier fixed a number of small items even though he was not obligated to do so. It has been so refreshing that every time we made any improvements, we were starting from a solid base. In other words, we have never had to correct something in order to make an improvement. We were able to add the generator directly to the wiring he provided, we have been able to add a computer network with ease and there has never been a time where we wished an outlet or cable wire was somewhere other than where it was. These small touches have made a huge difference. We did not fully appreciate the Earth Craft Certification until we realized that it costs us one half the energy to heat and cool this house which is twice the size as our previous home. I truly believe that this house continues to appreciate because of the high quality of design and craftsmanship here on Rembrandt. It will meet our needs for many years to come.

Keith Sauls
Collier Homeowner

As a “first home” buyer, I was rather naïve regarding the aspects of this important decision. Luckily, I purchased my home from your team and specifically T.C. Collier. Everything about the process has epitomized the term “gentlemen’s agreement” and this attitude continues to this day. I highly recommend doing business with your company but mostly, T.C. Collier. He has always been fair, honest, available, and honestly stands behind his work with a willingness to go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction with your most important purchase.

Jim Claussen
Collier Homeowner

I have known T.C. Collier most of my life and I admire his success. T.C.’s family and mine have been involved together in the building business since his grandfather and mine built together in the 1950’s.

Like many from that generation, they thrived because of an unwritten code of ethics. Unfortunately, that code seems to have gone by the wayside for those in construction. Not so for my family and certainly not T.C.’s.

T.C. has been building since 1983 and his reputation is impeccable. No matter the price point, he has always been fair and given his best effort. Every customer is important to him.

For anyone considering a construction project with T.C., I would like to put your mind at ease. Many builders in Atlanta come to this business as a second career. For those of us who grew up with it, building is in our blood. It is something that is hard to teach. It is a job that requires passion. It is a difficult business. T.C. grew up in a building family and has spent his adult life pursuing excellence in construction. I highly recommend T.C. Collier and Collier Estate Homes and Renovations as the builder for your dream home.

Brent Beecham
Beecham Builders, LLC

I wanted to write a brief comment concerning the integrity and quality of homes built by T.C. Collier for anyone who may be considering engaging T.C.’s company for future work. I have personally known T.C. for over 25 years and I can testify that he is of the highest moral and ethical character. His business dealings are true and honest and his word is his bond. The quality of workmanship in homes built by T.C. is of the highest standard. I know this because I have personally inspected several of his houses both during construction and at the final walkthrough. T.C.’s attention to construction details and finishes and proper management of cost budgets are also his strong suits. I would strongly recommend T.C. for any upcoming work that you may have.

Chuck LeCraw - President
The Cornerstone Inspection Group, Inc.

It is my privilege to provide a testimonial based on the many years that we have been involved in business together. I had served as an engineer for several of the subdivisions developed by your grandfather more than 40 years ago. It was an honor when you invited me to be your development and engineering consultant on several major residential communities. We were a good and effective team since you were open to my suggestions and followed through with procedures to successfully complete the developments. I found you to be conscientious, dependable and meticulous toward quality control. I have enjoyed our business relationship and am always available to assist and serve your business needs in the future.

William R. Probst, P.E.
Consultant Engineering and Development
Residential Developer at Chateau Elan, Smoke Rise Farms, and many other projects.

I was fortunate to be the listing agent on a beautiful home T.C. Collier built off of West Paces Ferry Road. I found him to have a great work ethic, to be open minded and to have a true sense of excellence. I highly recommend T.C. and his team!

Glennis Beacham, President
Beacham & Co., Realtors©

Mr. Collier is eager to please the client. He is conscientious and wants things done right. He is intelligent and pleasant to work with.

Robert Spiotta
Robert Spiotta Decorative Arts Limited

I am so happy in our home. It is a joyful place and beautifully built. We still have the original plans from the 1940’s and have decided to keep many things just the way they are. Everyone seems to know this house and its beautiful proportions.

Owner of a home our family built in the 1940’s on West Wesley Rd. in Buckhead

We want to take this opportunity to thank your company for being one of the premier builders in the Atlanta area.

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Priester
Atlanta Homeowner

We want to thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness in building our home. We are enjoying it! Your homes are beautiful to say the least. The builder and all the representatives of your team were exceptional. Thanks once again for exceptional service.

Kenneth Simpson
Dekalb Homeowner

My wife and I would like to thank you for building us such a wonderful home. We are very pleased. Our friends and relatives are in awe of our home when they come to visit. Not only do we want to thank you for building such a beautiful and well structured home; we want to thank you for all the little things that you and your people did that goes beyond simply building a home. It is no wonder that you have been around for so long and have such a great reputation. You surround yourself with good, genuine people. Thank you. Everyone involved in this effort made sure this process was a great experience for my family and me. Thank you for everything.

Malcolm Quillen
Atlanta Homeowner

Thank you for the kindness you showed me during the past few months. Your kindness was appreciated and will never be forgotten.

Edna Jones
Atlanta Homeowner