A few years ago some nationally-known construction attorneys asked Mr. Collier to help decide legal cases through the American Arbitration Association. Because of his unique experience in solving a wide variety of construction-related problems, insurance companies, attorneys, owners, contractors, architects, inspectors, and engineers began asking for his help, and Collier Consultants was born. Today, these contracting, consulting, and arbitrating experiences continue to inform and reinforce TC's unique breadth of experience, expertise, and network of seasoned resources-providing synergy with Collier Estate Homes and Buckhead Classic.

Collier Consultants provides commercial and residential construction and real estate consulting, arbitration of disputes, and mediation services. TC advises on procedures, techniques, costs, structural defects and repairs, delay and defect claims, liability, property/casualty and liability insurance claims, as well as contracts, means, and methods.

Collier Consultants specializes in building the very best team of experts in a wide variety of fields who work together seamlessly to investigate and solve the problems at hand, as well as to present the story of that information in writing and multi-media presentations in a cohesive, well-written form.

Collier Consultants handles complex, subtle, and compound problems, providing effective answers and results that matter. Beginning with the unique perspective of an arbitrator deciding cases with almost thirty years of experience as a principal in many different construction and real estate companies and projects, Collier Consulting enjoys the broad perspective necessary to address the wide variety of issues inherent in various aspects of construction, real estate, insurance, dispute resolution, and litigation support.